$hitty Moments.

Those of us living with mental illnesses work hard every single day to manage our disorders. Most of us find our own personal way and hopefully end up having more good days than bad. I have found what works for me and these practices have allowed me to make massive positive changes in my ability … More $hitty Moments.

I Believe You

The other day I was speaking with a friend about living with a mental illness. I have OCD. She does not. She is incredibly supportive. She promised that she was not judging me and that she would always ask questions to learn more and try to understand as much as she could. She said she … More I Believe You

Negative Self Talk – Mental Health Awareness Month

Negative self-talk is one of the quickest and certainly the most convenient way to torture ourselves. People with and without mental health issues all do it. It’s universal. Now some people are better at controlling it, out-thinking it, or even stopping it altogether. Those of us with mental health issues are not normally successful at … More Negative Self Talk – Mental Health Awareness Month