SnackSack Review

It’s that time again! Time to show you all the yumminess that came in my SnackSack Subscription box! This box of goodies is all about guiltless snacking and I have to tell you…they outdid themselves this month. I purchase (with my own moolah) this snack box every month because I can count on SnackSack to … More SnackSack Review

My battle cry: Ignorance is not an excuse.

  I have had OCD for 14 years. Throughout those 14 years, I’ve been supported, understood and believed by many people in my life.  I’ve been shown a great deal of love and patience. I’ve seen effort and kindness, compassion and an incredible amount of care. To those people…thank you….from the bottom of my heart. THANK … More My battle cry: Ignorance is not an excuse.


This quote makes me happy. I think it’s wonderful advice that each and every one of us can benefit from. It’s so simple and so very pure. It’s back to basics stuff here. Honesty and kindness never go out of style. Who doesn’t want to be known as honest and kind? Then we add in … More Be

Self Kindness Versus Selfless Kindness

I believe that given the chance most people will choose to be kind…selflessly kind. I think it’s instinctual really.  Even the grumble bunnies out there, when put to the test will often choose an act of kindness when the opportunity strikes.  It makes us feel good. I guess to some, that’s not self-less…but I’m going to call it … More Self Kindness Versus Selfless Kindness

Grove Collaborative

Have you heard of Grove Collaborative? I just recently learned about this company. I found them while my ad blocker was turned off because I was watching Will and Grace on Hulu! 😉 So while I was scrolling through facebook I came across this smokin deal that seemed too good to be true.  Being the curious chickie … More Grove Collaborative

I believe you.

The other day I was speaking with a friend about my mental illness. I have OCD and she does not. She was being supportive. She promised that she was not judging me and that she would always ask questions to learn more and try to understand. She said she would never feel offended by my … More I believe you.

Own Your Story

  This is a quote I return to time and time again. I love that is is so simple, but I think some may dismiss it as being simplistic.  If you dig in and think about it, there is nothing simplistic about it. Owning your story is hard and time-consuming but so worth the effort. … More Own Your Story