About Me


Hello and Welcome!


My mission here at A Kinder Way is to promote a kinder lifestyle.  I want to encourage everyone to…..

Think Kinder. Be Kinder. Live Kinder.

This is not a place for perfection. No one can do EVERY thing ‘right’, but we all can be kinder in some way or in some area of our lives.

Living a kinder life is free, simple and good for your soul.

A little about me…

I’m an East Coaster living in the south. Married to a sexy bearded man who has been making me laugh for 20 years. We have one college age son (who shall remain nameless..but trust me, he’s awesome.) and 7 years ago we adopted a white fur ball of perfection named Vivi. She isn’t shy so you’ll see a lot of her around here. (Exhibit one…above)

I love dogs, Football (GO PATS!) reading, playing board games, the great outdoors…from a patio or balcony, anything to do with the TV Show Friends and I have a bit of a tortilla chip addiction.  I was diagnosed with OCD 14 years ago and hope to talk to as many people as possible about mental illness and mental health. I believe in the power of meditation and affirmations. I’m passionate about equality for all and animal rights. I swear too much, cry too much, watch too much reality TV and laugh a lot.

I genuinely hope you will visit often and look forward to getting to know you!

Thanks for Reading!



138 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Oh that’s strange. If it’s not at the bottom of the screen it may be in the sidebar which you access by clicking the little wheel icon on the menu bar just under the header photo. I’ll go check in that.
    thanks for flagging it up! Great to connect!


  2. Dear Nikki,

    A quick note to tell you I hope you are doing great! You are a wonderful lady, and I wanted to thank you for throwing that Meet & Greet party, back in January! If it hadn’t been of your kind heart, throwing a party for your friend’s book getting published, I wouldn’t have met Eleanor, or our meeting would have been postponed, and that would have been such a shame!

    I so understand why you cherish Eleanor’s friendship now. She is an incredible lady, and she has influenced my writing journey, and encouraged me to keep writing in moments I felt like I was facing a dead end… I am very grateful for having her around The Cove, and hope she understands how very special she is to me!

    Thank you again… Without you, The Cove definately wouldn’t be the same, and I wanted to make sure you knew how much a difference you make in the Bloggosphere…

    *sending much love and hugs*

    Cyra xx

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    1. OH this made me tear up.

      I met Eleanor pretty early on in my blogging journey and I quickly knew that I felt a connection to her and wanted her in my life. I’ve been grateful for her friendship countless times since. She clearly touches peoples souls!
      I am so tickled that I had any part in bringing you two together in this big wordpress world.

      Cyra (I’ve never typed that before) You are so sweet and kind to share this with me. I think you are quite spectacular yourself! ❤

      xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. Awww thank you, Nikki 🙂

        I think people don’t take enough time to be thankful for others’ kindness… It doesn’t cost a dime to say thank you, when people make a positive difference in your life 🙂 And I try to never take for granted the good that happens in mine 🙂

        And you two have a good influence on me… So, it is totally worth the mention!! 🙂

        *Love ya!!*

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