Consistently Inconsistent

We’ve all heard the adage about consistency being the key to success. Any success, in any area. Consistency is key.  I’m here to say something that may shock you. As controversial as it may be, I am going to take one for the team and say it…..

Consistency is hard!!  Maybe too hard.

Inconsistency on the other hand is child’s play!  I am a total rockstar with inconsistency.  

I’ve mastered the art of being consistently inconsistent in all areas of my life. Without exaggeration, I may actually have a crown somewhere…..

Of course, I am playing (kinda) but at some point, we all must look at where we are in life and why we are there, and what parts are in our control to change or take a heaping pile of credit for. That, my kind readers, is the journey I’ve been on over the last year. I tried to come back to blogging. To be consistent with my writing but I failed, and do you know why? I sure didn’t until recently…. because being consistent in any area of your life takes time and more importantly energy and sometimes we simply don’t have it to give.

In the last year, we have dealt with (at times) devastating but more often challenging health issues.

We (Steve and I) both started new jobs…. For me this meant, leaving a job that left me feeling incredibly fulfilled in many ways for a job with security that I could not turn down.

And for some reason, we decided that this would also be a great time to rescue a puppy. (Side note…IT WAS NOT! Have you ever lived with a puppy?  Oh. My. God. Talk about requiring energy.)

So, I had no time or energy to give to something I truly love like writing.

The common reaction to the ‘’no time or energy to give’ is to beat ourselves up and say we are lazy or undisciplined or that we simply do not want it as much as the next person.  But I wholeheartedly disagree with this thought process.

The whole hustle culture is bullshit. I know many may disagree, but I think we have all gotten so comfortable with being busy that we are not seeing the forest for the trees.

Let’s say you hustle, day in and day out. You do ALL the things. You chase ALL the dreams, desires, and goals your heart and mind can come up with. Every day you push yourself to the finish line. You may get there faster than others. You may win the race. You may get everything you have ever wanted. 


You may not, because sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Sometimes no matter how much you hustle, it’s not your door.

Instead, you may be exhausted, and stressed. Mentally ill and/or physically ill.

You may miss out on self-care, self-kindness, sunsets, naps, snuggles, long phone calls with someone that needs you, (or that you need) relaxation, hilarious or thought-provoking movies, books that blow your mind, self-growth, hobbies that you suck at but love, moments of pure, magical silence and peace, being satisfied and grateful for where you are, who you’re with and what you have.

And possibly find the things that speak to you. Your true priorities. The things that may never make you rich but that fill your soul. 

I am not knocking drive and hard work. What I am saying is that consistency is something that takes a great amount of energy. The energy that you have to take away from one area to apply to another. Sadly, we cannot have it all and still be healthy. It’s impossible to pour from an empty cup (yes, I see my pattern of adages today) so eventually, something will give and in most cases, it’s our mental or physical health. Read the stats, they don’t lie. Anxiety, stress disorders, burnout, and chronic fatigue are at an all-time high. We simply can’t ignore that.

Bottom line, consistency is great and much needed in our lives for growth, just be aware of what you are being consistent with.

Most importantly, be kinder to yourself. Be gentle. Take a breath, and recalibrate if something feels like it’s too much. You are not lazy if you change your mind. You are not a quitter if you change course or walk away. (and why is quitting such a bad thing anyway???)

As for me, I will continue to put energy into the things I love and if on any given day I don’t happen to have that energy I will accept that without an ounce of guilt.

Writing, reading, studying, and health are my main priorities today. (also, puppy snuggles. Of course!)

What about you?


17 thoughts on “Consistently Inconsistent

  1. I love this article, I’ve not read any of your posts until now, but this really hit home. Last year I, for whatever reason, came to a cross in the road with the direction my life was going. To explain, I was always very driven at work, at home, even when I relaxed. This was a part of an inherited behavior, my mom was in an unhappy marriage and was always busy. I was consistently busy every day. Last year I realized what I was doing and how I thought were very inconsistent. I realized my mindful lifestyle left that part of my intention to be consistently mindful, I had neglected the lifetime habit I held onto being busy doing things that didn’t bring happiness. Last year I had a breakthrough and now happily focus on being consistently creative, imaginative and enjoying fur babies. Again great post, thank you.

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    1. Hi! Welcome!! I appreciate your feedback and I love your story. Thank you for sharing. I think being busy and celebrating being busy is a huge issue and so many people are missing out on joy because of that. Thanks again for your response.

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  2. Heyyyyy Nikki!! It is so good to see you back 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I totally agree with what you say in your post. As long as they don’t build a machine that stretches time, and gives us a couple extra hours every day, there is NO way to stay consistent in everything we do, and keep an open heart for anything new we’d like to try.

    So just do what feels right, and just make sure to come visit us once in a while… The Bloggosphere just wouldn’t be the same without your bright and positive little touch 😉

    *Big hugs!!*

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    1. Hey hey, sweet Cyranny! So happy to see you here! Thank you for the kindness. It is apprcieated. I miss this community and I plan to stick around. No blogging daily for me, but I will be here. ❤


  3. Yes, yes, YES! Oh man, reading this was like reading my thoughts. My approach to life has changed so much over the past 3 years I barely recognize the person I once was. My only goal now is to stay alive and find joy in each day. I used to hold myself accountable and aim to write a certain amount each day; now, I do it when I feel like it and don’t put pressure on myself. Shouldn’t the goal be to enjoy and find peace in your day? Hustle culture is toxic and destroying souls; it’s just too much! I’m so glad you wrote this and are taking the same approach to life. But the puppy? 😂 Oh my. The good news is that this phase will pass, and it will all be worth it! My dogs ate everything and were such a handful, and then it just stopped. What a ride that was! It’s nice to see you here. Enjoy that puppy and keep taking good care of yourself. xo

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    1. Hi Tanya!! I’m so happy to see you here. I didn’t know you were still blogging but I just visited and read your latest and YAY! I really love your writing.
      Yes, toxic is right. If you’re not busy, tired, or overwhelmed…you are not REALLY trying are you?? Whatever.
      I’m gonna pass on that lifestyle.

      Yes, the goal should be to find peace in every day. We are here for such a short time and while we all want to make our lives easier (money, dream job, security) the sacrifices may be too much for something that is not a sure thing.

      Puppy mania!!! He is a doll. He is also a terror on 4 legs. I will share more soon. I love him.

      xo Tanya! I am so happy you are here.

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  4. I think we’re all inconsistent if we’re honest with ourselves! The fake world of Instagram has gotten us thinking everyone else has mastered being consistent exceptfor us, but that’s all a mirage!

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  5. Hey lovely lady! One of the reasons Doug and I sold up our house of 26 years and changed our lifestyle was because we were tired of that hamster wheel treadmill of life and the stresses of work. Doug especially. Our life has shifted to one of simplicity, minimalism and going with the flow, trusting and surrendering to an unknown future. Sometimes it’s downright scary (the unknown always is) but we’ve found our consistency in living each day in the now and not looking too far ahead. I don’t even blog too much now, just when I get the urge. Great thought provoking post my friend. Enjoy your poochy! I remember those puppy days and they pass too. Sending big hugs your way. xx

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    1. I’ve always known you are brave but this is amazing!! I envy your freedom. I hope that you and Doug are having the time of your life. Blogging should be ”when I get the urge”. The best stuff happens organically. ❤ Sending huge hugs!!

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      1. Oh, I’m not sure if I’m brave or what Nicky, but I know I feel open and expansive and we’re truly living a life of our choosing. Big hugs back my friend. xx


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