A Different Kind of Love Letter

For the last 4 years, I have been tutoring ESL to people around the world. What was supposed to be an easy way to earn a little money became something that would change my life.

I was lucky enough to meet a group of people that transformed from students into friends. These lovely souls opted to stay with me for most of my time tutoring.

They welcomed me into their lives. They shared their sorrows, struggles, joys, celebrations, cultures, traditions, and even the mundane day-to-day stuff you share with those you trust.

In return,

I listened.

I learned.

I grew.

I shared back.

I opened my heart, and they filled it with so much love that walking away was heartbreaking for me.

I started a new job 2 weeks ago and it’s wonderful. I know it was the right choice for me and my family.

It was a massive decision. Not made lightly or easily.

Walking away from my weekly (sometimes daily!) conversations with the people that I was lucky enough to connect with has left a hole in my life.

But isn’t that something?

Isn’t that everything?

To make those kinds of connections through a screen, across the world, with what were perfect strangers from all walks of life, all ages, both women and men….is nothing short of amazing.

I cherish this hole.  Having it means I experienced something real.

Instead of looking at it and allowing it to make me feel sad or even a touch lonely, I see it as proof of how much I loved my time with them and how much their friendships mean to me.

I hope that we will keep in touch. I hope that I get to continue to be a part of their worlds and I want them to be a part of mine.

Time will tell what the future holds but no matter what that looks like, I will be forever grateful for the time we spent together.

Até mais

Güle güle

مع السلامة

Auf Wiedersehen




Au revoir

See you later… ❤

15 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Love Letter

  1. Congratulations on the new job! I’m so happy you’ve had a positive experience with tutoring, too! Here’s hoping this week will be a great one for you, Nichole!

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  2. I always look back on my time ESL teaching in Beijing very wistfully. So glad to hear it was (by the sound of it) an even more transformative experience from you, and hope your new adventure is as amazing if not more. 🙂 xxx

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    1. Teaching IN another country would be amazing. How long did you do that? I feel like it took this small bubble of a world that I had and expanded it so much that I can’t even think of a way to word it. 😉 Maybe it’s because it’s late and I am tired or maybe there really are no words to explain all that I got out of this experience. I know it was life-changing and wonderful so I’ll leave it at that. 🙂 ❤

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  3. Dear Nichol,
    ESL – I looked that up because I was going with Extra Sensory Learning (I know, don’t ask me why). English as a second language should have been my go to, but anyway I got there.
    Another reason I was taken with your post is that several years ago, I was running classes teaching cardmaking. I did that for five years and pretty much with the same group of 10/12 or so ladies. I loved every minute of it, and charged a minimal fee to cover the costs of products used. When my husband retired I found I didn’t enjoy it so much with him around (its a long story), so gradually I let the ladies know that I would be stopping doing classes. The surprising thing to me is, that I never heard from a single one of the ladies again. People I had thought were friends. I eventually came to the conclusion that it was because money changed hands, and that although we had fun, it was at my home and I spent many hours of preparation. They had viewed it differently to me.
    I hope your experience is not the same, yours are different circumstances, but I would be really interested to hear what you think of what happened to me.
    Sincerely, Barbara

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    1. Hi Barbara, wow, that must have been really disappointing for you. I am sorry that happened. I’m not sure what will happen in my situation. Time will tell but as I said, regardless of what happens, I feel grateful for all that I learned and experienced. Again, sorry to read what happened with you. ❤

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      1. Thanks Nichol, it is still something I think and wonder about, but life goes on. I remember the great enjoyment of those classes and those times. Certainly not a lost cause, but as you say a little disappointing. 💛

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    2. Barbara, I’m sorry that you had a disappointing experience when you stopped your classes. Are these ladies you would like to have as friends? If yes, why not invite them over for a free fun art making session? Maybe they’re missing you too and don’t know how to reach out to you because they don’t want to disturb you? before the pandemic a group of artsy minded people would get together 1 evening per week to just make any art we wanted, but to gab and have fun too. Maybe you need to for a fun art group?

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  4. I’ve wanted to get into teaching ESL, but haven’t taken the steps to get certified. Maybe I need to rethink that. Congratulations on your new job!

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