Rest like no one is watching.



If you have no time to rest, it’s exactly the right time.

– Mark Twain


I get tired.

More often than not my kind of tired is mental, not physical.

Sometimes that can be worse. At least for me.

I’m not a great sleeper. Never have been, but when my mind is tired it’s a tougher tired.

What I’ve learned about this is that the more I let the craziness of feeling soooo tired and not being able to sleep get to me…the more I fight it…the more I force it…..the more I try to plan for it….the worse it gets.

What does work is to rest even if I can’t sleep…I just rest.


No guilt. No drama. Rest.


This is not an easy task for most of us. Guiltless rest without being sick or injured is a big no-no in the world we live in. We are trained to believe…..(SHAMED to believe) that if we are able to do, to work, to go…we should. Being tired is not a justifiable reason to stop and rest and give yourself a damn break.  We are taught to push through. To just get the job done. That if we stop we will hurt ourselves and disappoint others. So, we plow through.

Truth is…moments of rest make everything easier. Moments of rest fuel our bodies, mind, and spirit so that we can take care of all the musts and have-tos and still have the energy for the good stuff.

When we push ourselves too far we end up creating more work, harder work or even half-assing things.

The simple solution is to just give ourselves permission to rest. I know, I know…simple is not always so simple. But aren’t’ we worth it?

One day, one morning, one hour at a time.  Stop and shake off the guilt. Let go of the musts and rest.

Kindly, with love and light~


4 thoughts on “Rest like no one is watching.

  1. Sleep? What’s that? 😉
    The more stress, the less sleep. It’s weird because that’s when you need sleep most.
    Our bodies are either weird or very confused, mine anyway.


  2. It’s the guilt part…whether there’s someone there watching me or not. Yet I have a friend that for years has disappeared from parties, ski trips, and get togethers to take an hour or two nap. And she’s no worse for the wear — life goes on. I think I need to just do that now and then. What am I missing I can’t find out later anyway?


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