Free Yourself


I believe that given the chance most people will choose to be kind…self-less-ly kind. I think it’s instinctual really.  Even the grumble bunnies out there, when put to the test will often choose an act of kindness when the opportunity strikes.  It makes us feel good. People like to do kind things for others. Period.

I also believe that self-kindness is something most of us struggle with.

Self-kindness is often confused with selfishness and wrapped up with guilt or shame.  It can be seen as a weakness or as self-absorption. We actually feel bad inside for choosing to be kind to ourselves.


I’ve been mulling this question over in my mind for the last several years and to be completely honest the best answer I can come up with is because we are afraid.

We are afraid of looking bad.

We don’t want to be the bad guy/girl.

We don’t want to disappoint someone.

We don’t want to look selfish, self-absorbed or needy.

We feel shame, guilt, and all the other icky, yucky things we feel because we are inherently good people who have been taught all of our lives that these are the rules of life.

Simply put, if we choose self-kindness over selfless kindness we feel like crap.

But I am going to tell you something you have undoubtedly heard before but probably could benefit from hearing again.

Self-kindness can mean saying no.

(Deep breaths all you sweet people pleasers ❤ )

Self-kindness also means putting our needs ahead of someone else’s. It’s ok!! Those are not bad words that we should shy away from! There is no crime in setting boundaries or honoring our limits. It is not a failure to stand firm in our skin and say,

This is what’s best for me and I matter.

I believe that the only way we are ever going to get comfortable with truly being kind to ourselves is through practice.  We need to pounce on opportunities to be kind to ourselves, no matter how small.  With practice, we will free ourselves of the shame attached to this thought process and we learn that while it’s awesome to show kindness to others, we are no less valuable and our needs are no less important.

We have to show up for ourselves through random acts of self-kindness. We have to let go of the destructive and toxic thoughts that self-kindness is less important than selfless kindness. We have to be our own champion and simply be to ourselves what we take pride in being for others.

Moving forward, I challenge myself…and YOU…. to practice self-kindness every single day. It may seem awkward or uncomfortable at first, but if we allow it to be the new norm, we will become accustomed to it and the world around us will adjust.

Imagine that. Really…close your eyes and imagine that.

Kindly, with love and light


8 thoughts on “Free Yourself

    1. I have a boundary mantra that I say to myself every day. I also celebrate myself each time I stand my ground…even when no one knows I am standing my ground. 😉 It’s difficult to change life long habits but we can and we will be so grateful when we do.

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  1. How’d you know these were the exact words I needed to hear right now?! Oh my, this was well written. I missed you around here & your wisdom. Thank you for the reminder ❤


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