Why not try a kinder way?



Have you ever wondered why you seem to struggle with things that come so much easier to others? Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and questioned why you are not further along? Have you ever beaten yourself up because you slid back into old, comfortable (or possibly ridiculously uncomfortable) habits?

Do you count tough love, willpower and the dreaded comparison as your go-to tools of choice?

Why not try a kinder way?

Have you ever noticed that the most successful motivational speakers or self-help authors will be the first to tell you that they don’t have it all figured out?  Most say something along the lines of….true personal growth comes from diligent practice and consistent learning.

Louise Hay, arguably the most influential person in the self-help movement called herself a ‘Lifelong learner’ and encouraged the daily practice of many different forms of self-care for healing. Never expecting us to get it right the first time…or the hundredth for the matter. (Did you know she started Hay House when she was 60??)

Wayne Dyer wrote roughly 40 self-help books. He’s THE expert on personal growth for millions of people! Yet I recall listening to a podcast where he talked about how he couldn’t imagine thinking that he knew everything and how important it was to him to continue to challenge himself and learn more.

I don’t know why we think there is something wrong with us when our broken bits resurface in our lives. We can heal our issues. We can grow and gather a lot of knowledge and understanding about who we are and why we are the way we are. We can even fix those broken bits. But in truth, there will always be fragile places inside of us. No different than when you glue broken pieces of a bowl back together. Like the bowl, you are whole, but on occasion, we may find ourselves tracing those cracks with the tip of our finger. No matter how thin the crack is.


Failure is not in feeling the cracks.  Failure happens when we set unrealistic and rigid expectations on ourselves. When we beat ourselves up for not living up to some idea we have in our heads about who we are supposed to be. It happens when we let other peoples progress dictate how or where we should be. It happens when we think in black and white or the extremes of all or nothing.

Here at A Kinder Way, I hope to motivate you (and myself) to take a different path. A KINDER, gentler one. I want to shine a light on how powerful self-care, self-love and of course self-kindness are. I hope to encourage our growth at whatever speed each of us is comfortable moving.

I hope you will join me down this kinder and loving path.





Submission for Forgiving Fridays


17 thoughts on “Why not try a kinder way?

  1. Hi Nikki, you know, I worked out just this week that the pressure I put on myself to get everything done, to learn something new every day. To walk 10,000 steps, to be mindful and kind etc etc. Was all simply pressure I was putting on myself. I stopped immediately. I don’t need to Know Everything there is to know about everything. It’s very liberating.

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  2. I’m always trying to remember to be gentler with myself. I want to nurture the places that I feel I’m falling short rather than punishing myself for not knowing everything.

    Thank you for the reminder and helping me realize I’m not crazy in needing to be gentle with myself.

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    1. I think you’re fantastic for needing to be gentle with yourself!! Nurturing the areas where you feel that you’re falling short is such a more beneficial way of creating lasting change that beating yourself up. Thanks for being here Rose. 🙂


  3. Living with you, I know how passionate you are about your message for the world. I like how you’re fine tuning and sculpting the way you want to present it. Keep on inspiring baby… ❤

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  4. Nikki!!! This is so powerful. I’m moved by the conviction of what you share. God, I think what really moved me was your visual of us as whole and yet we sometimes trace the broken bits. To me, that is the essence of healing! To uncover and heal the issues we’ve come in to learn.

    Did you want to share this for #forgivingfridays? I see that you tagged this, however I didn’t see a pingback?

    YOU are such a blessing. I’m honored to know you. Gorgeous post.
    Debbie ❤

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    1. Thank you so much Debbie. You made me tear up with your lovely, supportive and understanding words. ❤ Thank you so much.

      YES! I did want to submit this post for ForgivingFridays. I forgot the ping back. Will add that now. ❤

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