You Are You



Imagine living in a world where you embrace who you are. Imagine being proud of who you are. Imagine letting your true colors shine out without fear of offending, disappointing, upsetting or challenging someone else. Imagine being A-ok with someone not liking you!!!  Imagine….

Now I’m going to let you in on a little secret.


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For some reason, being who we truly are can be a major battle that has to be fought on a daily basis.  Is it fear? Probably. No one wants to be rejected or judged.  As a pretty general rule, most of us don’t want to let others down. Some of us struggle with standing out, going against the grain or again, upsetting someone.

But when does ALL that become too much work? Too much effort? When does the dance become too draining, too difficult to justify?

I guess we all have our breaking point. That point where we become so tired of trying to be something we are not for the sake of others comfortableness. Maybe it’s the moment when we realize how unfair it is that we are the one conforming, or contorting ourselves into something we are not. Maybe it’s when we decide that our uncomfortableness is important too?

Whatever it is, I think it comes down to understanding that there is nothing wrong with being who you are. You are you. Sure, you may not be everyone’s cup of tea…but why does that matter? We don’t have to impress everyone, do we?

By being yourself, you will find your tribe. The people who get you, love you, respect you….for YOU.

If you keep hiding the real you, you’re missing out for sure, but so are all the people whose lives you could be a part of.

Embracing who you are, realizing that you are the only you and then letting that out into the world to shine is a gift you give to yourself and to others!




Thanks for reading~


My submission for #ForgivingFridays


21 thoughts on “You Are You

      1. Mutual, lovely. 🙂 Incidentally, I have started doing my crystal jewellery, but sold so many to friends and friends of friends in the first couple of days I have put the Etsy shop idea on hold till I have more stock. I do have a Facebook page though (“Persephone’s Pendants”, based in Cardiff, UK). xxx


  1. I work in a place where most of my coworkers have ideals, beliefs, and lifestyles that are polar opposite my own. It’s exhausting keeping quiet and keeping the peace. Some days it’s hard to remember who I am. Luckily I have my family, that’s my tribe that I can be myself with.

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  2. I LOVE THIS!!!! There is absolutely no one I would rather be than me. I am a disaster sometimes, but I am so proud of myself for overcoming and getting through whatever is put in front of me. Each time I do I grow and become someone new, and it makes me feel like anything is possible! I have deemed you my personal life coach, Nikki! THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AMAZING!!! This post made me super happy!! Big hug, girl! xo​

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  3. Oh Nikki this is perfect for today! I saw your comment on my blog and will respond later — I’m about to go into a coaching session with a client. Just wanted you to know that I’m about to include this in my line up for #ForgivingFridays. It is so self-honoring to embrace and express who you are – and to let your LIGHT SHINE! i LOVE it, and you Nikki. You are so courageous.

    Have a great weekend. Debbie


    1. I accept myself as a permanent work in progress and part of that acceptance includes the accepting that I me…the good and the bad…the strong and the weak. It also means that I have to accept that I will fall short sometimes and that too is ok! ❤
      Thank you for such a thoughtful comment!

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