Are you embarrassed to start small?



About a year ago I was introduced to Brendon Burchard during the Hay House Summit and I took an instant liking to him and his way of thought. I started following him on Facebook and yesterday this quote showed up on my feed.Β 



My mind immediately flashed….yes.

It reminded me of another quote, this one by Jon Acuff:

”Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”

This is a problem that crosses all generations.Β  It’s not new…although I’m sure it’s more relevant in this day of social media exposure where all we seem to see are the successes that appear to happen over-night, but let’s be real, people have always thought the grass was greener somewhere else, or for someone else.

My point is that we all have to start where we are. It’s o.k if life looks easier for others. It’s o.k to look at what someone else has accomplished or achieved and wish that you were where they are. It’s o.k to have a dream that seems unreachable because…how the hell do you get over that hill?

But if we stop there and allow comparison, a comparison that isn’t even on a comparable chart to stop us from chasing our dreams, to slow our roll because we are not as good, as successful, as big, as we want to be, well that’s just ego keeping us in our safe little spaces.

I don’t know about you, but my safe little space starts to feel a little claustrophobic and smushing myself inside of it seems like a big old waste of time and talent.

I’m choosing to jump out of my safe little space…all jazz hands and ta-da’s and work for my dream. Make no mistake, it’s a choice. A tough one! But what’s the alternative?

To stay small and smushed because you are not quite there yet?

Nah…. we can’t do that!

So, I’m challenging you to jump out of your safe little space and go after that dream. Don’t let the fear of starting small stop you. Just dig in. Get all kinds of dirty and watch your dream grow.

Thanks for reading!





26 thoughts on “Are you embarrassed to start small?

    1. Very true Barbara! That made me smile. I don’t know why people allow that to stop them…but I think we’ve all done it or at least hesitated. Gotta make that choice every day not to let anything stop us! ❀

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  1. They say comparison is the thief of joy. I find this to be true because I fall too often into thinking everybody else has their sh*t together more than me. And then I want to retreat and give up. Continuing to forge ahead outside of comfort zones always feels better though.

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    1. Oh yes…I fall into that thought pattern as well. I really think that social media plays a larger role these days in helping to contribute to that…everyone else is doing so much better way of thinking.
      Hope you’re having a good Sunday Amy! ❀

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  2. Nikki… I REALLY needed to read this right now. I am starting up school and I feel like so many of my peers are so much more experienced than I am. I can’t compare my beginning to their middle! I just have to focus on my own journey. Thank you thank you for sharing this!


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