Morning Pages


Have you ever heard of a little thing called Morning Pages? I’m pretty sure I’ve read about it being something people did as a part of their morning routine, but in all honesty, I had no idea what it was and just kept reading on. 

Things have been hectic around here over the last week. Our sweet Vivi needs surgery which has zapped pretty much all of my energy aside from the effort put into finding a job. My morning practice had fallen by the wayside and I was feeling pretty low.

So when I had a passing thought during meditation about that ‘thing’ I’d read about I thought that was a pretty good sign to check it out.

Morning Pages is something that was introduced by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way.

It’s pretty straightforward and is used by all kinds of people….not just New Agey ones. A quick google search will show you that it’s quite popular even with skeptics after giving it a go.

Well, I am a New Agey one so this was a no-brainer for me so I started my Morning Pages on Sunday.

How does it work?

Each morning before doing much else,  you write (yes, write) three pages of stream of conscious writing and you do not go back and read them. There are no rules as far as what you can write about. It can be anything that is in your brain. Anything. Even…’I don’t know what else to write’. It’s not meant to have beautiful penmanship or perfect grammar….it’s a place to pour out all the random thoughts that are floating around inside your brain. After three pages…you stop and move on with your day.

Julia has this to say about Morning Pages:

”Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing,
done first thing in the morning. *There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages*–
they are not high art. They are not even “writing.” They are about
anything and everything that crosses your mind– and they are for your eyes
only. Morning Pages provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize and
synchronize the day at hand. Do not over-think Morning Pages: just put
three pages of anything on the page…and then do three more pages tomorrow.”


And here is a short (2 minute) video of her talking about it: (I highly recommend you check this out)

Julia Cameron on Morning Pages

I’ve now completed Morning Pages for 2 days without much effort. There are A LOT of thoughts running through my mind. 😉  Even with that knowledge, I’m pretty shocked at how quickly I can fill 3 pages! It has helped me feel less bogged down with random thoughts that normally keep popping up in my mind throughout the day.  It has also brought up some new takes on old issues and it helped me work out how to have a personal conversation I was nervous about with someone close to me.

There has been some whining and some sleepy complaining…but there have also been some self-forgiveness and some letting go of things that are out of my control.

What I’m seeing though, is that the fluffy stuff is just as important as the deep stuff. One makes room for the other.

I don’t know how I will feel in a few weeks/months, but for the foreseeable future, I see Morning Pages as a part of my morning self-care routine.

Have you ever tried Morning Pages? Are thinking about trying them now?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading~


This is my contribution for Forgiving Fridays



17 thoughts on “Morning Pages

      1. I’ll tell you how well I’ve done… But I am a terribly slow writer, for some reason. I’ll try and get back to you for sure! 🙂


  1. You know I support all new ideas that are brought into this house. Some of them I adopt, some of them I adopt later, and some of them aren’t for me. Time will tell where this one will land, but I’m glad you discovered it, and I’m keeping myself open to it. ❤


  2. I read about Morning Pages some time ago and as a result signed up to a website called JRNL which is a journalling website but I didn’t last long. I still have the account but I could never get my head round it properly. After reading your post yesterday, I read a couple of other posts that appeared as suggested posts by WordPress. I came across a site called 750 words. I signed up this morning and promptly wrote 750 words which took about 16 minutes. I love the site, it’s brilliant as it analyses your writing and comes up with what emotions you may have been feeling while writing, although the owner of the site says that is just a bit of fun and should be taken with a pinch of salt as to how accurate it is. So thank you for bringing this idea up for me to revisit, I’m glad I did.


  3. Thats a wonderful idea. I talk to myself, do my positive affirmations and sit in absolute gratitude for a new day once I wake up. Have never thought of pulling a paper and a pen at that time. Will give a try soon.


  4. I believe in writing and journaling. I used to journal a lot more when I was younger. Now all the stuff that goes through my head is repeats and whining, so I try and write a short story at least once a week about whatever comes into my head. Good luck writing!


  5. I’ve heard about Morning Pages from time to time, especially when I look at resources for my bullet journal. I keep going back and forth on trying it, since it’s easier for me to do that pure freewrite when I type (because my brain seems to go super fast and writing by hand, my hand struggles to keep up). The more I hear about it, though, the more I’m tempted to find a way to make it work. Thanks for the great post!


  6. I’ve heard about this years ago and even bought the book. However, I never read it or started doing mourning pages. I journal most everyday in a note taking app. I like the idea of writing three pages instead. Thanks for reminding me about this.


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