Mama Duck Knows….


The other day I was listening to a conversation between 

Nancy Levin and Mike Dooley.  Mike…the man behind Notes From The Universe was sharing this idea that most people are waiting. They are waiting for that grand moment when all their ducks are in a row to begin. Begin what? Name your poison. It can be anything.  But people, as a whole, are waiting.

Mike’s words:

We’ve all seen that picture of the mama duck and all of her baby ducks following her. But how did that whole thing get going? How did her baby ducks line up? I guarantee you, she did not issue telepathically or through a series of quacks that it was time to line up and cross the street. No. What does Mama do? Mama just goes. And when Mama goes,  all of the baby ducks scamper, run as fast as they can, and they line up and follow Mama.

He goes on to talk about how we must begin. We have to move forward and inevitably our ducks will line up. (Even if they are not the ducks we thought we needed)

I have not been able to stop thinking about this conversation. The act of moving is so powerful. We spend loads of time planning, preparing and thinking things through before moving, but we forget that all the best plans, preparations and thought cannot account for change.

Change from the outside…and even change from the inside.

Once we start moving forward…in any direction…we pick up momentum and let’s be honest, when we are at least trying to reach our goals we feel empowered. That being said, moving in one direction does not mean we have to continue in that direction.  We can change course at any time.  In fact, we can’t possibly know all the twists and turns available to us if we don’t move forward!  Climb that mountain and who knows what’s on the other side! (I’m betting there are lots of other choices!)

I have lived on both sides of the extreme. Never thinking through anything…and overthinking everything.

Neither was a place to plant roots.

Finding a healthy balance seems to be the answer. No one will ever stop thinking things through. We can and should arm ourselves with information, but at some point, we have to trust that we can handle what’s around the bend.


Today I am a Mama Duck and I will just move.

Thanks for reading~ (QUACK!)



This is my submission to #ForgivingFridays! 





28 thoughts on “Mama Duck Knows….

  1. My daughter and I raised ducks, and it’s the cutest thing watching the babies line up and follow. Even with adult ducks, there is always a leader in the pack. We had three adult ducks, and the two larger ones always followed the small, yet brave one. xxx

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  2. “… when we are at least trying to reach our goals we feel empowered.”

    Absolutely for me. It’s why I daren’t be without a creative pursuit / goal for too long. Losing that sense of momentum makes me afraid of never getting it back (and has led to prolonged periods of feeling useless and washed-out).

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      1. It’s in short supply right now, unfortunately, as I am living a very restricted life while healing. Really must force myself to start a new novel or even a fanfic, but it’s getting past that initial barrier which is always the issue.

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    1. Yes, that initial barrier is the hardest part. It’s like jumping full force into the water…dipping one toe in won’t get the job done. It’s so difficult.
      I know how gifted you are so I can speak confidently and boldly about your talent. ❤ ❤ ❤

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  3. Oh Nikki, this is such a beautiful and heart-warming post! Thank you for contributing it for #ForgivingFridays. It’s so true, if we think our ducks need to be in a row, we’ll never get started. And I love how you brought balance in – that it’s ok to plan and to wing it and just to get going and find our own way. 🙂 I’m doing my post now and am honored to inciude it as part of the line up.

    You are such a blessing. Thanks again Nikki! Have a great weekend. Lots of love,
    ps – when I was a little girl, I read about a duck who felt left out and like she didn’t belong. The whole thing resolved at the end, and she realized that she wasn’t an ugly duckling. 🙂 This post reminded me of that story. I loved it so much.

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  4. I have a tendency to overthink things. This year has really been about learning to make forward movement. Even if I decided to change direction. Thanks for this great reminder Nikki!

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  5. Mike is amazing! I am listening to his audio book “Playing The Matrix.” Not only does it contain so many good strategies for realizing one’s highest potential, Mike is very motivating and entertaining! Thought make Things!

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