Hope and Potato Chips


Today I was rounding out about a week of feeling like utter crapola. (Yes, I’m choosing to post the word crapola on my blog) I decided to put on my big girl panties and head out to the deck for some sunshine and a podcast from my new favorite speaker. Before you start to really worry about me, I also put on shorts and a t-shirt before heading outside.

The speaker I am writing about is Brendon Burchard. He is what I would call a motivation speaker/life coach/inspirational badass. I was introduced to him through the Hay House World Summit and I’ve been following him on facebook ever since. About 2 weeks ago I found that I could listen to his podcast through Spotify so….this leads to today.

This little talk is only about 12 minutes and is called ‘Never Lose Hope’

I’ve been lacking in the hope department lately.  The tears…not so much. Lots of tears. But I’m kind of over the tears if you know what I mean?

The Etsy shop fiasco really took its toll on me.  I had high hopes for that. Like the kind of hopes that make you feel like everything has finally come together in a look at me go kinda way.

The job search is still on and has been for many months. If you’ve looked for a job in the last 10 years, you know that it’s not easy. Everything is online. There is NO personal interaction. You cannot sell yourself with confidence, humor or my personal go to job getting skill…charm. And to add to the regular old ‘job searchin’ is not easy’….I do not have a degree and I’ve been a stay at home mom for that last 20 years.

Oh yeah…my resume is something to behold!

So to be totally transparent, my confidence has taken a wicked hit and I’ve been struggling to find hope.

Enter Brendon.

I am going to share a direct quote from the podcast. Here he is discussing persistence and it’s importance when it comes to keeping hope alive.

To have hope we have to stay persistent. To keep at it no matter what. 

If we’ve got our perspective in mind. If we have our plan then we have to be persistent, to keep working towards it.

There were so many times that I almost stopped doing these videos. So many times that I thought I’m not going to write another book. So many times I thought no one cares about my blog posts or Facebook posts. No one cares about my YouTube show. No one cares about me. Oh, whoa is me.

We can all sit on the couch, eat a bunch of potato chips and watch stupid television and feel sorry for ourselves, but that does not contribute to our aliveness. It does not contribute to the connection of those we love and care for and it does not contribute to the things we create and ultimately give to the world.

We have to say you know what, what are we going to persist at? Sitting and eating potato chips and watching TV? That’s not going to be good.

What we have to do is persist towards our dreams.

I’m not sure what exactly it was, but even re-reading it now makes me tear up. There is something so simple about just persisting.  Maybe it’s because I know I can accomplish that. I can persist. I may not feel like I can have everything I dream of or accomplish all of my goals. I may be on super shaky ground in the confidence department. But I can get up, wipe away my tears and keep going. I can keep trying. I can keep working towards my dreams. I can persist.

At the end of the day, it’s a win I control…and sometimes in life we just need a win.

This is just a snippet of his thoughts on Hope so if you’re interested, please listen to a version of the whole thing below…I highly recommend that you do. ❤


How’s your hope level these days?

Thanks for reading~



27 thoughts on “Hope and Potato Chips

    1. I really needed the reminder. I have been a bit lost. The thing I’m trying to focus on is the growth I must have already accomplished because honestly in the past I would have been down a lot longer. Trying to focus on the positive and that is a big one for me.
      Sending big hugs back to you Tre. Keep holding on. ❤ ❤ ❤

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      1. I’m afraid I was thinking more along the lines of a Gloriana sequel, as I always saw that one as an eventual trilogy. I do have some vague ideas for a possible Wolves sequel, though. Hopefully one day …


      2. I just put Gloriana back on my Kindle. I started reading it again a couple days ago. As you know I did not finish it last time because of distractions but lately all I’ve read are non-fiction books and I think I need a little fiction in my life. ❤ Plus sitting out on the deck reading has become my favorite spot! ❤

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  1. Oh, Nikki. You are one of my biggest cheerleaders and are such a huge support to me, and it hurts my heart to know that you are struggling. But, it also warms my heart to see your perspective on full display in this post. You see beauty in all things even when it’s not obvious. What a special soul you are. You keep persisting and hold on tight to hope. Listen to Brendon over and over again if you must. I am going to do the same today (thank you for sharing). I am downloading it now. You are a bright light in this world, Nikki, and I adore the absolute hell out of you!! Thank you for being you. xoxo

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    1. You just made me cry. ❤ It was the good kind of cry. ❤ I feel a lot better today. I think just putting it out there and owning it helped so much. Thank you Tanya for your words. I adore the absolute hell out you too. ❤

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    1. I feel so much better and much more hopeful than I did even a week ago Ali. It’s amazing how just moving forward (in any direction) can lift your spirit. It was a set back for sure but a set back that I shook off pretty quickly and that shows me how much I’ve grown on a personal and spiritual level in the last couple years. Hey…that’s another win! 😉 ❤

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear that the esty store created discouragement. I haven’t been looking in the job world, but I do know that my sons filled out tons of online resumes for jobs and were finally hired at places that had open interviews on certain days.
    Onward and upward! I’m glad you found a good podcast. 🙂

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