Wake Affirmations


I’m an affirmation person. I LOVE AFFIRMATIONS. That right there is…. an affirmation!! The good stuff and the bad stuff we say are all affirmations. I try my hardest to refrain from affirming things I do not want to draw into my life because I genuinely believe that our thoughts become things and I want no part in bringing in the bad.

I use affirmation cards and I also have a Louise Hay’s daily affirmation calendar. Like I said, I love affirmations.

For the last couple of months, I’ve been using this really cool FREE app called Wake Affirmations. I found it with a simple search at GooglePlay…..yup this is for Android but there are similar apps for iPhones so stick with me even if you don’t have a compatible device.

I thought I would do a little walk-through so you can see all this awesome app has to offer.

When you first download the app it looks like this.


You fill in all 5 spots with affirmations that you want to practice. I found the ones below by searching for ‘short affirmations’. They are NOT my personal affirmations but it will give you an idea of how the app looks.


There is also the option to add background images to each affirmation.  All you do is tap on that little ‘View Image’ button and you can add the image there. If not, the images provided are peaceful and work perfectly fine.


As you can see…you can also set reminders to do your affirmations. I don’t utilize this feature because I have incorporated this into my morning practice, but Steve (my sexy bearded husband) uses it and thinks it’s very helpful.

On to what the actual affirmation process looks like. Up above you can see that there is a little button at the bottom of your affirmation list that simply says ‘Affirmations’ and looks like a sun. When you tap on that your first affirmation will pop up.


You touch and hold the screen and each word highlights guiding you to read along.


When the whole thing is highlighted you tap on ‘Next Affirmation’ and it will go through each of the five.

When you’re through…this comes up.


Tap finish and move on with your positive self!

This app has made practicing affirmations a breeze for me. I love that the affirmations are personalized by the person using the app and that they can be changed every day if you want them to. You are in control.

Affirmations are one of the simplest ways to help motivate and inspire yourself to live the life you want to live with the attitude you want to have. In just a few seconds a day, you can change the energy you put out into the world. That’s good for you and for everyone around you.

Do you practice positive affirmations?

Thanks for reading!



My submission for Forgiving Fridays at Forgiving Connects


23 thoughts on “Wake Affirmations

  1. This is incredible, Nikki! What a cool app. And i love that you are taking care of yourself by doing affirmations. Yay 😊

    I do say affirmations, and I have the Louise Hay desk calendar too. Right now I’m focusing on a 7 day challenge to make peace with my mind, including positive self talk. (I just blogged about it yesterday!) Great minds think alike, right?

    You are welcome to link this to my #ForgivingFridays if you want to. Your blog post would be so supportive to bloggers who read it!!

    Lots of love Nikki.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It has to be the simplest way to practice affirmations right? I will add the # to the post if you think it’s fitting! I think I may take your prompt a bit too literally. 😉
      Love back at you Debbie! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. SURE Nikki – that sounds great!!

        Really, #ForgivingFridays is about whatever inspires you to forgive and choose love. To me, affirmations are an incredible positive direction toward doing just that. And of course, it’s entirely up to you! ❤

        Sending you lots of joy and love, Nikki — Debbie

        Liked by 1 person

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