And it was transformational…


16 days of teachings, videos, worksheets, community….a plethora of information, new and old gifted to us from Hay House has come to an end. It was quite the summit.

I was introduced to a couple of new people that have now become a part of my self-help circle.

Brendon Burchard being the stand out for me.

Very inspirational, motivational and even practical in his teachings. If you have not had the pleasure of listening to him, check out his website above.

I listened to as many conversations as I could. I learned new self-help techniques and was reminded of ones that I let slip away over time.

Listening to Jessica and Nick Ortner talk about EFT Tapping was the biggest reminder I got.

EFT Tapping speaks to my soul. It’s the simplest and quickest way for me to manage my OCD and anxiety. I will not go into a long drawn out description but I’ll link their website as well if you’re interested in this incredible form of healing therapy.

The Tapping Solution

My absolute favorite find during the summit was the Louise Hay ‘Subliminal Affirmations Heal You’ recording. It’s actually still free to listen to if you go to the Hay House World Summit 2019 website! 25 minutes of Louise Hay speaking and 25 minutes of beautiful music all designed to change the way your mind receives positive affirmations. It’s simply amazing and so powerful.

This summit was the gentle reminder that I needed to slow down a bit….let go a bit…to breathe more…to be present…to let life show me the way…to be open…forgiving…loving…kinder….to others and myself.

It made me think, challenged me, pushed me and guided me. Introduced me to new things, wrapped me up in love, made me feel alive and excited and yet so peaceful at the same time. It inspired me to recommit to self-care and to be at ease with who and where I am now, all while pushing me out of my comfort zone and encouraging me to pursue the things that are important to me. It was (as expected) a gift in so many ways…..

….and it was transformational.

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