When You’re Tired….

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I am tired.

Mentally more than physically.

Sometimes that’s worse. At least for me. 

I’m not a great sleeper. Never have been, but when my mind is tired it gets tougher.  Happens every time.

What I’ve learned about this is that the more I let the craziness of feeling soooo tired and not being able to sleep get to me…the more I fight it…the more I force it…..the more I try to plan for it….the worse it gets.

What does work is to rest Even without sleep…I rest.

No guilt. No drama.


This is not an easy task for most of us. Guiltless rest without being sick or injured 😉 is a big no-no. We are trained to believe…..(SHAMED to believe) that if we are able to do, work, go…we should. Being tired is not a justifiable reason to stop and rest and just give yourself a damn break.  We are taught to push through. To just get the job done. That if we stop we will hurt ourselves by making more work later. We will have SO much to catch up on! So we plow through.

Truth is…moments of rest make everything easier. Moments of rest fuel our bodies, mind, and spirit so that we can take care of all the musts and have-to’s and still have the energy for the good stuff.

When we push ourselves too far we end up creating more work, harder work or even half-assing things.

The simple solution is to just give yourself permission to rest. I know, I know…simple is not always so simple. But arent’ you worth it?

One day…one morning….one hour at a time.  Stop and shake off the guilt. Let go of the musts and rest.


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38 thoughts on “When You’re Tired….

  1. I totally agree! I have no trouble sleeping, I am super good at sleeping, anywhere, anytime… My problem is more about getting to my bed. I always find things to do before I finally allow myself to go to sleep….

    My mom always told me that chores would wait for me, even if I took time for myself. She is right, but I think we are so used to perform-perform-perform that we tend to forget that a worn out athlete will never “perform”!! 😉

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  2. As a child, I would “go go go” until I dropped from exhaustion, sleeping wherever I was (ie the kitchen floor). I am still a notorious napper and go through patterns of poor behaviors, sleeping in spurts at odd times. I have learned to accept these spurts as better than pushing myself through them. For me, some physical exertion and quiet mind time during the day leads to quiet at night and better solid sleep. No guilt about it!

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    1. Absolutely worse. For me the more mentally tired I get the less I sleep well and the more I crave sleep…it’s a vicious circle so I try to just be still and rest and much as possible. Meditation helps too. ❤

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  3. This so me right now. I am planning to take a leave from work for a much needed rest/ self-care / mental health break. I’ve been pushing myself to just hang in there mentality, and been making myself even sicker. The anxiety and depression has been on the high, and going up the more I’ve been pushing myself to just hang in there mentality. I must take a much needed break.

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    1. Yes! Me too Amy. I play this little game on my phone. It’s basically color by number but they call it cross-stitch. I zone out with that game sometimes and I feel not an ounce of guilt about it. ❤ Another good thing for me is to use a guided meditation. I just love those.

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  4. Hi Nikki, I so relate to this post, sleeping well evades me four out of five nights of the week. I too have learned to ‘rest’ instead of trying to force myself to sleep. Your readers have left some excellent ideas and I am going to try some of them. Fingers crossed. Fabulous post – thank you.

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  5. Since my first year at college was a bit rough, I’m taking the summer off– no job, no classes, no internship. At first, it made me uncomfortable and even guilty, but now I realize it’s freed me up to take the time to walk and reflect and create. Sometimes it’s okay to just exist!

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    1. YES!! Good for you. My son has one semester left and I encouraged him to just enjoy this Summer. I’m glad he is. There is enough time to rush and worry and work later. Sometimes you just have to enjoy life and live with ease. Take while you can!! ❤

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  6. I definitely relate to this. Rest can look a lot of ways, walking in a forest, drinking tea with some blues music, and writing a poem, are ways that I calm my mind. But sometimes it seems that nothing works.
    May you find restful sleep and renewal.


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