Party In My Pants – Kinder Living Review


If you have your period and are even remotely interested in making that time of the month easier, more comfortable, greener and less expensive, this review is for you. (If not, you may want to skip this one because I’m going to be pretty blunt.)

Introducing ….logo

Party In My Pants is the answer you’ve been looking for. It may even be the answer you’ve never even considered before!

I’m talking about cloth pads. Soft, absorbent, great for the environment and better for your vagina, cloth pads.

Cloth pads Nikki?? Really????

Stick with me here.

I’ve endured roughly 530 periods in my life so far. Contrary to what we hear prior to our moment of…

Oh MY GOD I think I’m dying…oh no wait, did I just start my period?’

This does not feel like a celebration for the majority of us. We don’t feel like we have FINALLY become a woman. ok…there may be a slight moment of that, but it is quickly followed up with the realization that it freakin hurts internally and is ridiculously uncomfortable externally.

I can’t speak for all women but there seems to be a consensus when speaking about your period.  It’s a miserable time with few options available and even fewer that work…and even fewer (NONE for me!) that are comfortable.

Personally, I have hated my period from day one. It’s something I suffer through. The cramps suck, but even worse than that is the discomfort from the actual pads. No, not all woman use pads, but a lot of us do. They irritate my skin and even though most sing their own praises about how dry you will feel…that is almost always not the case and whatever it is that they use to provide that absorption can stick to skin that should never be mistreated….leaving it itchy, raw and generally pissed off.

Enter my discovery of cloth pads.

I’ll be honest…my first thought was ‘ewww’ and then I thought about all the things that you’re probably thinking about. But the more I researched the more I knew I was going to try this out.

After a few failed attempts I found Party In My Pants. The name alone had me interested.  I mean if they can make me giggle with their name, this may be the place for me.

I reached out and was immediately impressed with their customer service.  I thought their prices were amazing and I like that they are a small, woman-owned business.

I jumped in and bought 2 pads in different material to give me a good idea of what they offered.

Then I waited. I can honestly say that I have never waited for my period with such excitement.

I will refrain from over-sharing here, but they worked exactly the way I hoped they would.

They are soft and absorbent and they stay put. When sitting/sleeping, I didn’t feel like I had anything on but my undies. When walking or when I had to be up and about I could, of course, tell I was wearing a pad, but it didn’t move around or feel stuck to my skin.

The clean up is simple. You rinse them out and wash them either by hand or in your machine and then dry on low, or even air dry.

There was no grossness….really.

I for one will never wear disposable pads again.

Here’s a peek at how Party In My Pants show up at your door.


They include a coupon for you and a coupon for a friend along with a chocolate. A chocolate eaten long before this picture was taken. 😉

Everyone needs to build a set that works for them. Size, amount of pads…and fabric of course. I like one size and wanted 9 in total.


I got a couple of prints twice but here’s a good look at the different ones.

They wrap up into themselves for storage and to make them easy to carry with you as well.


Finally, you can have Party In My Pants add an additional snap for free if you want even more options in sizing…


I can’t say enough in support of this company and the quality of their pads. If you’re interested at all, click on the link above and go to their FAQ page. Any questions you have should be answered there and if not, email them. Their customer service is outstanding!

Party In My Pants is having a 20% off sale for Earth Month on all products. They also offer a sample panty liner ($9.99 normally) for $4.99 shipping only. This is a great way to feel the fabric before buying the more expensive pads.

My Tips for switching….

  • Start slow. Do not go crazy buying just one style, size or fabric until you are sure you like it. No one wants to return cloth pads (talk about Ewww!) and most companies have pretty strict rules about that anyway.
  • Measure the disposable pads you use now to get an idea for length. There are loads of options to choose from.
  • Do your research beforehand. YouTube is a great source.
  • Try different fabrics if you can. Party In My Pants offers 3.
  • Try not to let the idea of cleaning hold you back from trying this. It’s just your body! Give it a try.

❤ This post is not sponsored. I purchased the pads with my own moolah.

Thanks for reading!



13 thoughts on “Party In My Pants – Kinder Living Review

    1. The name is what caught my attention initially! I think it’s hilarious.

      There are a lot of companies and different shapes and what not…but I highly recommend PIMP. Well made and great customer service…and really good price wise. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ha! Great name they picked. I am with you, Nikki, I was never happy about getting my period. It was stressful and embarrassing for me from day one. Thank god, I don’t have to deal with it anymore. If I did though, I would totally check these pads out. They sound like a godsend! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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