I’ve read studies over the years that say it takes 21 days to build a habit or to break one, but I’m calling bullshit on that.  21 days is only 3 weeks.  3 weeks is not nearly long enough to build a lifelong, life-altering habit.

It’s just long enough to be excited and to throw ourselves into something all jazzed up and blindly hopeful!

Then life gets in the way as it always will and we forget or skip it or simply throw in the towel because the change we want is just too complicated in the moment so we end up feeling like a failure again.

I’m of the mindset that the 3-week people don’t realize how hard it is to make lifelong change. It builds us up to believe that change is so simple and so easily captured that we are just silly little messes to not be able to give something 3 teeny weeks! It sounds do-able and goes right along with the instant gratification we are all used to in this day and age.

But 3 weeks is not enough.

Change takes time and effort until it no longer does.

So how long does it take to make real, unshakeable change?


It’s a simple as that.

If we want to improve our circumstances. If we want to learn something new. If we want to stop bad behavior. If we want to change our lives….

We have to be prepared to do or not do that thing….until.

Instead of putting a time frame on the changes you want to make, how about just starting to make the changes you want to see in your life.

Just start and then keep on keeping on-


Thanks for reading~




29 thoughts on “Until

  1. I do tend to avoid time frames. That is just setting oneself up for a needless sense of failure, the devil being in the details. New habits take training, and training necessitates learning from (rather than being demoralised by) mistakes.

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  2. Absolutely Nikki. I’ve also heard the timescale 8 years to break a habit. It just takes a choice every single time the habit rears its ugly head to do things differently. It’s so hard sometimes isn’t it?! Great post.

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    1. Yes is it incredibly hard sometimes. And you’re right…it’s all about choices and we get to make countless choices each day. I strive for making more good than poor and then I call it a win! 🙂


  3. This was a great blog. Until. That’s the measurement for anything. How long will you put up with XYZ? Until. How long will you put up with your job? Until. It’s such a wide band of coverage. Changing a life habit is hard. I’ve changed a few, failed in a lot more. But you keep on trying. YOU keep on trying!

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  4. This is awesome, Nikki. So self-supportive and honoring. I like to say, it’s a cinch by the inch. 💜 Love and Light to you and all the positive changes you’d like to make… in perfect timing for YOU. I love you.

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  5. Three weeks is the right amount of time for it to become a part of our life. It is plugged into our routine, but it’s up to us to continue with it, or let it fall by the wayside. After the 30 day point, we can choose whether or not it has become an enhancement, or not. By day 45 it feels more natural, but is still a work in progress.

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  6. I seem to work well in time frames because it forces me to challenge myself. I think everyone probably has different needs. I do find that after my 30 day challenges, I know what this change is important to me or not. Some habits I keep…some daily…some most days. Others I don’t continue because I realize they weren’t integral to the person I’m looking to become and there are only so many hours…or 15 minute segments in a day.
    I think “until” is great way to look at things because I don’t believe that we should beat ourselves up if the habit we want to form doesn’t happen in a certain time frame.

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    1. Absolutely…after 30 days of consistency we should know if it matters to us or not. I love this Amy: ‘Others I don’t continue because I realize they weren’t integral to the person I’m looking to become and there are only so many hours…or 15 minute segments in a day.’
      Totally agree!

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  7. You are spot on. I’ve notice with the changes in my life no matter how much I worked at it or how strong my desire was.
    I didn’t change until God gave me grace to change. In other words, it happened on His time.
    Great post!


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