Balanced Living: Body Groove


I’ve written in the past about my belief that living a balanced life is my ultimate goal. I feel like 2017…while a difficult year for me, also brought me closer to this goal. One area I’ve struggled with throughout my life is exercise.

I hate it.

I mean I REALLY hate it.

I hate the sweating and the sore muscles and the initial weight gain (That always happens to me when I workout).

And don’t get me started on the monotony.

And 4 and 3 and 2 and 1….Other side…..

It bores me so I lose interest and then I stop.

Recently I started hearing about this workout I didn’t even know existed. It was a DVD set and while intrigued, I know myself and I tend to have an all in attitude. I leap BEFORE I look.  So I waited.

But I kept seeing and hearing about it.

I’ll be honest, I was captivated by the woman whose face kept popping into my life.  She just has this look of fiery passion mixed up with peacefulness.  (Dare I say….Balance!) So I watched the teaser video and I was hooked. My sexy bearded man even said:

Oh…she is your kinda person huh?

Yes, she is.

She is Misty Tripoli.


Misty created a movement.  That movement is….



I started watching everything I could find about Body Groove.  I couldn’t stop myself. It looked like so much fun…so free….so real. Here is a short video to give you an idea:


Do you see what I see?

People having fun. People of all shapes, sizes, and ages…moving their bodies the way their bodies move. People actually enjoying each other and building up their confidence by simply being themselves!

The videos became available for purchase through streaming. They are each roughly 30 minutes long and are broken up into 6-7 shorter videos. There is just enough time in between to get a sip of water and take a breath…then you are back to it. You get 5  videos (close to 3 hours worth of material) for $29.00.

You just hit play and groove!

I could not wait to start. The only time in my life that I was not over-weight was when I went out dancing 3 nights a week. I LOVE to dance. My only fear was that it would not be hard enough.


2 minutes and 17 seconds into the first video I was breathing heavy. 5 minutes into the first video I was sweating. But it wasn’t that gross…is it almost over….sweat. It was that WOOO WHOOOO let’s go…more, more, more…sweat.

I did a 39-minute work out on day one and the time flew by.  I could not believe that I…Nikki…..hater of all exercise…. did a 39-minute workout.

The next day I did another one. This time I was breathing heavy again…not even 3 minutes into the video. I was also laughing. I can tell you that I have never laughed while exercising before. Well maybe AT the person suggesting I do a high-intensity cycle of burpees and squats while I lay on the floor doing one of those cry/laugh things.  But this time I was laughing because I was having that much fun. (For those interested it was during ‘Urban Babylon”)

So why am I writing about balanced living and Body Groove?

Because I think I have found the perfect balance between having fun and getting some much-needed exercise.

I don’t have a deep desire to be a certain size or weigh a certain amount. What I desire is to be healthy, fit, flexible and free.

The other part of this puzzle is that we all know that exercise is helpful in managing anxiety.  It’s not a fix all by any means, but it helps.

I have been at this now for 5 days and I’ve done 3 workouts. I worked out for 90 minutes this week. Ya know how long I worked out the week before? Zero minutes. How about the week before that…zero…and the week before that….any guesses??

I am going to stick with Body Groove and Misty. I’ll report back in a month to share my experience. As for now…I can say this,

I feel amazing and excited and hopeful and free.

That’s not too shabby after one week.

If you’re interested in checking these videos out… BODY GROOVE

Or you can also check out BODY GROOVE on Facebook.

Thanks for reading!


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21 thoughts on “Balanced Living: Body Groove

  1. Great video and thanks for sharing! I have been sticking to my work outs, but some days it is harder to get motivated because I HATE working out, it’s boring, the sweats, sore muscles etc. I find it hard to stay motivated when there isn’t much but this strict work out routine I follow. I also love to dance, I do implement it into my activity, but probably not in a way where it is active enough or really doing anything. I will have to factor this into my future work out routines. Woot! Thanks again. I can’t wait now to try it and I have never been excited to work out. I think it’s also great a creative way to stay active indoors in the winter time. I miss my bike rides, speed walks outside etc and can become harder to remain motivated in the winter time.

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  2. I am excited that you’re excited and this makes me want to save my pennies and order Body Groove too. Like you, I hate to exercise but I love to dance because it tricks my brain into believing it’s not exercise, it is fun … it is dancing! Thanks for telling us about Body Groove.

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  3. The only way exercising can work is if you find something that you love to do. I HATE going to the gym, but I LOVE running, so that is what I do! SO happy you found something fun to do, Nikki! My friend teaches Dance Groove, but I have never gone, maybe one day I will give it a whirl. Happy Sunday, girl! xo

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  4. Hey, hope you keep the good vibes going and it works for you. I haven’t paid much attention to advertising lately, so I hadn’t heard of it. I have a hard time getting started and maintaining enthusiasm, too. Looks like it’s worth a shot, and keep having fun!

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  5. Oh Nikki I love this – YES!!! Combining exercise and fun, that is so perfect. You are amazing and incredibly inspiring.

    You’re welcome to contribute this to Forgiving Fridays if you want to. To me, you were real with yourself, stayed committed even with struggle, and you found a way to love yourself that really works for you. Isn’t that what forgiveness is meant for? I mean, at least in part? xoxoxo

    Much love and Light to your new-found exercise adventure. 🙂
    Love and blessings, Debbie

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