SnackSack Review


It’s that time again! Time to show you all the yumminess that came in my SnackSack Subscription box!

This box of goodies is all about guiltless snacking and I have to tell you…they outdid themselves this month.

I purchase (with my own moolah) this snack box every month because I can count on SnackSack to give me more than my money’s worth and to also keep me in the know about new healthy snack options. They are also clever enough to sneak in some ole faithfuls so that when you pop open the box you are immediately excited to see something you KNOW you’re gonna love.(Or quickly hide from your loved ones so you can eat it while they are at work….not that I would know anything about that!!)

Here’s a quick rundown on how SnackSack works:

They offer THREE different monthly snack boxes.

Classic: $22.95. Vegan: $24.95. Gluten-Free: $24.95

All the boxes come with 12-15 snacks and shipping is free!

This is a review of the classic box.



This month included 15 individual snacks and a bonus prize to boot!

Each month there is a ‘theme’ and a little flyer that tells you everything in the box and if it’s say…vegan, NON GMO, gluten-free….or the likes.

Each month you get a little pin…this month it was a snowman and we also got a nice reusable tote bag. I’m not sure what it’s made out of but it’s fabric and not some cheapy plastic tote.

On to the snacks!


Jolly Oak Granola: Super Grain Oat Cocoa Coco Crunchers…. $1.00. Before even tasting this I knew I would love it. The smell alone will make you want to devour this treat!

Lovely Candy Co: Pumpkin spice Caramels…..$1.70 (This is a guess based on ounces in the bag) Caramel…check! Pumpkin….check!  Nikki is happy….Check!!!

Drizzilicious Snacks: Crunchy Drizzle Bites…..$1.49. I ate these one afternoon with a cup of coffee. They are sort of like teeny tiny rice cakes with decadent flavor on top. Yes. I am officially calling s’mores decadent!



Luna Bars: Lemon Zest mini bars. We got 4!  I can’t find mini’s for sale so using the full-size price and some fancy math….$2.97. Phew! Math! I am not a huge fan of bars, but I really like these. They have a better texture than most and the flavor is great.

Gourmet Basics: Classic Sea Salt Fries…$1.00.  I ate ALL of these. I loved them. Probably my favorite thing in this box. I am a salty girl…both in personality and taste preference *wink wink* so I had a feeling I would love these. They were not overly salty but they scratch the itch for an unhealthy alternative without feeling like you’re going without!

Justin’s: White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups…$2.49. There are really no words. These are scrumptious. Period. Just try one.


PopChip: Aged White Cheddar Galaxy Puffs….$.87.  My son and I ate them in record speed. It was not pretty…but they were delicious!

Nothing But Fruit: Concord Grape…..$3.21. I’m very familiar with this brand and my favorite thing to do with these little squares of goodness is to put them on top of my oatmeal.

SmashPack: Mixed Berry Fruit & Protein Pack….$2.99. Ok….This is a personal preference for me, but I can’t eat anything too sour. This was sour. Smelled amazing. Has 14 grams of protein and is totally natural….but this flavor was a miss for me.


Darrell Lea: Green Apple Liquorice…..$5.00. We got Mango in the last box and all I can say is that they were like catnip to me. This flavor did not disappoint. Delicious!

GoOrganically: Fruit Medley Snacks….$.47. A healthy gummie. Sign me up!

Eat Smart Snacks: Sea Salt Veggie Crisps….$2.50.  Yum. That is all…just sooooo good!

This box is probably my favorite SnackSack box so far and given my crafty math skills the value (at least) outweighs the cost by a few dollars but probably more.

As I’ve said before…and I will continue to say, this is a top-notch service with outstanding customer service so if you’re interested at all…give them a try and get to snackin!


Thanks for reading!



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