This quote makes me happy. I think it’s wonderful advice that each and every one of us can benefit from. It’s so simple and so very pure. It’s back to basics stuff here. Honesty and kindness never go out of style. Who doesn’t want to be known as honest and kind? Then we add in silly and life just gets better! Being silly makes the hard times easier and the easier times so much more fun! Adding silliness brings joy, freedom and a lightness we all need in our lives.

I’ll add one more for good measure…because we all know that Ralph needs my help right? 😉


Just be you. Once we embrace who we are, our world will open up to things we never even noticed. A feeling of empowerment takes over and your personal energy shines through in the most beautiful way. Try it…and see for yourself.

Be silly.

Be honest.

Be kind.

Be you.

Happy Thursday!




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