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Have you heard of Grove Collaborative? I just recently learned about this company. I found them while my ad blocker was turned off because I was watching Will and Grace on Hulu! 😉 So while I was scrolling through facebook I came across this smokin deal that seemed too good to be true.  Being the curious chickie that I am I went on to investigate.

This was a month or so ago so this deal is not current but this review will be honest. I am not affiliated with Grove Collaborative at all.

What is Grove Collaborative?

It is one-stop shopping for green, healthy, affordable and lovely products. From their FAQ:

Grove Collaborative is an auto-replenishment service. We will suggest a schedule to help keep you stocked and on-budget with your home products. These scheduled shipments are completely customizable. Most of our customers use our scheduling as a reminder to make sure they never run out household essentials.

So basically, after you sign up you will be put on a schedule for upcoming shipments. This schedule is up to you and can be changed at any time. All you have to do it change it through your account. They never send you anything without letting you know they are going to so there is never a surprise charge. You will get an email a few days prior to them shipping something which gives you plenty of time to change that ship date. You pick what you want when you want it.

Everything is totally customizable which makes me very happy.  There are no monthly fees or sign up fees.

You can be a VIP member for an annual fee which then makes every purchase you make include free shipping and according to the reviews I’ve read also means you will get random gifts in your shipments. Ooooh! I like that. 🙂

The prices of the products are very competitive.  I’ve tried out other services like this and I can speak from experience about their pricing.

ok! On to my experience so far.

The original deal was a Mrs. Meyers pack. A cleaner, hand soap and dish soap with a purchase. Not sure of how much (maybe $20), but it was a great deal. So I signed up, picked my products and went about my business.

Later that day I received 3 emails letting me know that all three Mrs. Meyers products (That I paid nothing for) were out of stock. I was a little irritated until I read further…they returned the cost of all three products that I did not pay for.

So basically, because I had to spend a certain amount to qualify for the free items…and those free items were out of stock…they reimbursed me for the free items. Plus they gave me a $12.00 credit on my account. So, in the end, I was given back all the money I had spent. I got the rest of the items which included a free glass spray bottle as a gift without an issue.

I did speak with customer service about my concern that the items were out of stock. When you sign up for a service like this, it’s important that the items be in stock and ship quickly. Otherwise, you’ll end up at the store buying an item you’ve run out of, essentially taking all the convenience out of using a service like this.

I was reassured that this was not a common issue and asked to give them another shot.

Since the products are right up my alley….Kinder Living and all that jazz, and because they were so generous in their refunds, I decided to give them another go.

Unbeknownst to me, I still qualified for the free Mrs. Meyers pack when I shopped again so here is what I ended up getting…..


This entire box cost me $15.93

The value is: $53.50!!!

I will break it all down as we go….



Molly Suds: This is a very green, cruelty-free, high-efficiency laundry soap that I love. It’s great for sensitive skin and you get 70 loads of wash out of it.

Cost: $13.99 *comparable to other sellers.


My Mrs. Meyer’s kit included

Dish Soap and Hand Soap in Honeysuckle and All-purpose cleaner in Lemon.

Each item costs $3.89 but I got all three for free.  These prices are anywhere from $1 to .50 cents less than in store.

I paid for the Mrs. Meyers dryer sheets. This is an item I buy regularly from Amazon and the price is comparable. $7.99 for 80 sheets.


Grove Kitchen Towel: I paid for this item. $5.95.

I had purchased one in the prior box and love it.  Very soft and absorbent. It feels high quality and works beautifully. It also looks great in my gray and white kitchen.

The other two items were added to my cart for free!!!

Grove bamboo cutting board: $9.95


Grove Walnut scrubber sponges (2 pack): $3.95

These are actually made out of ground-up walnut shells!! Weird right? Yet very effective!

So out of the 8 products I received I paid for 3 that I needed (or wanted) to purchase anyway.  Because of my generous credit from the first box the laundry soap alone almost covered my cost of the box.

So even at full price, without credits, freebies or promotions this service is very affordable and makes life pretty easy on those of us who like green and kinder products. Plus their customer service is awesome even communicating through text if you prefer.

I highly recommend checking them out and seeing what you think.

Thanks for reading!

***One more note…..when you sign up you are immediately given a free trial of the VIP membership for 3 months. You can cancel and you will not be charged the fee but if you keep it and pay the annual fee,  you will get free shipping on all orders, free gifts throughout the year and price matching on all products. 






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