Let the magic happen.


About this time each year, I start thinking about all the things I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. I make mental lists upon lists and I get really excited.  My hope and passion are real. My plans are always solid and detailed.  On January first I am a woman on a mission…or more likely 10 missions.

and then about 20 days into the new year something happens. Year after year after year….the same thing happens.

I fail.

I fail before I even start.


Because my planning is really…over planning. You know what they say about over planning?


Yes, it does.

Planning can be a great tool. It can help us focus and prioritize. It can set us on the path to success.

But when we over plan, we can actually take the joy out of what we want to accomplish. Conquering goals is hard work. It takes time and lots of energy so we may as well have a bit of fun while on the journey.  If we over plan we are not only wasting a lot of energy (because let’s be real, life has a way of screwing up our perfectly planned path) but we’re also putting ourselves in a box that we are destined to feel caged by.

Some of us more quickly than others… 😉

So this year, instead of making a long list…a 2018 to-do list of sorts, I’m going to allow the magic to happen.

I still have dreams and goals for the new year. Things I’m interested in learning, doing, changing. But these are ideas, not a step by step plan for failure.

I will use these ideas as a touchstone, not a map. Something to return to from time to time. A gentle reminder of the things I dream of accomplishing.  But that’s all. I’ll make great strides in 2018, this I’m sure of, but this time around I’m going to invite the magic in and see where that takes me.

Are you going to embrace the magic?

Thanks for reading~



23 thoughts on “Let the magic happen.

  1. Yippee! Love this Nikki ❤ It's planting a seed for miracles of your heart to reveal itself to you. Love and Light to all of your dreams and prayers for 2018. May the very best come present for you. Love, Love and more love, Debbie xo ps – grateful for you Nikki


  2. Hello Nikki,
    A lovely look at your new year’s resolutions and plan of action.
    Yes, I do think there is so much pressure on us to reinvent ourselves and when it hasn’t happened by day 2 (I’m guilty of that one!) we just stop working towards it.
    Baby steps, as you say. A gentle and lovely post.
    Happy New year to you, Nikki. I hope it’s a really wonderful year for you

    Di 🙋🏻💐


  3. I like this idea of letting the magic happen Nikki! Last year I set goals instead of resolutions. I liked that they gave me something to strive toward, but still gave room for spontaneity. Still I found myself disappointed when I didn’t hit some of them. I recently read about having a word for the year…something that keeps you centered and focused, but still allows room for change and growth. I’m strongly considering that for next year. Best wishes for 2018!! xo-Amy

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