Own Your Story



This is a quote I return to time and time again. I love that is is so simple, but I think some may dismiss it as being simplistic.  If you dig in and think about it, there is nothing simplistic about it. Owning your story is hard and time-consuming but so worth the effort.

When you own your story it can’t own you.

Any Game Of Thrones readers or watchers here? Do you remember when Tyrion Lannister said:

‘Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.’

Ok..so that’s a little dark for what I’m going for…but the idea is there. If we take our story…which for most of us will include some pain, suffering, loss, disappointment, and maybe even some shame and we find a way to use those things as a strength…we win.

Using our story for the betterment of ourselves and others is something only we can do. Everyone’s story is different. Two people who have struggled with the same issue will have very different stories. Your story…your perspective. We may be able to relate or understand, but you and you alone know how it feels for YOU. Sharing that to help someone else or to motivate yourself is something only YOU can do.

It can feel scary and even daunting.  And yes…it takes major bravery.  But in the end, you will have walked through fire and come out the other side stronger and much more compassionate to others.  The end result justifies the pain.  The hard work will pay off. The peace of mind of finally being free will..in time… heal you.

Own your story and then sit back and feel the pride and power that comes along with it.

Thanks for reading~


Contribution to Forgiving Fridays!




24 thoughts on “Own Your Story

    1. I could not agree more Eleanor. ❤ I want to watch so badly…for Tyrion, Dani, Jon and Arya…So my compromise is to FF through all the stuff that makes me uncomfortable. I'm only on Season 3 because I quit half way through when it was actually on.

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  1. This is really beautiful, Nikki! Yay!!! 🙂 You have a lot of wisdom in your posts.
    One of the keys I live by (or do my best) is: Use everything for my upliftment, learning and growth.
    And also, who am I beyond my story? Now that one boggles my mind.

    You are welcome to contribute this post for Forgiving Fridays if you want to. It would really add a lovely dimension to forgiveness and using all of our experiences as strengths for more loving. Just include #ForgivingFridays in the tags and a pingback to my most recent post: https://forgivingconnects.com/2017/11/24/todays-forgiving-fridays-freedom-and-forgiveness/.

    Have a beautiful day, Nikki! Great to read this.
    Love, Debbie

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    1. I will do that this week Debbie. Today! 🙂 I’ll add the link and tag. 🙂

      I LOVE your way of thinking Debbie…seems to be a common thought I have. 😉 ‘Who am I beyond my story’ is fabulous. and yes…boggling too.
      Love and light my dear friend!

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