Get Your Snack On! SNACKSACK.


If you’ve known me for awhile you know I once had a major Subscription Box addiction. I tried out…well…..we’ll say…more than I could count…before burning out.  Today I only receive ONE subscription box regularly. That ONE is SNACKSACK.


Because it is the perfect subscription box.


  • Guilt-free yummy snacks delivered to my door
  • Big bang for my buck
  • I get to try things I’d probably never pick out for myself
  • Unbelievable customer service
  • AND…It makes me smile!

This review is for the November box. I am not being paid for this review and I buy this box with my very own…hard earned…moolah.

The box comes with an information flyer.  Items are listed with the product website and Instagram account along with little icons that tell you if the snack is….gluten-free, non-GMO, vegan or what-have-you.

Let’s dig in! Here is a look at the whole box!


The November box was loaded up with 11 snacks!


Little Secrets: Peppermint Dark Chocolates….. $6.99. I have one-word nomnomnomnomnomnom.  Yes. They are that good!

The Protein Ball CO.: Coconut + Macadamia…..$1.80.  These are little balls of goodness. I really enjoyed them.

Laughing Giraffe Organics: Salted Caramel Snakaroon…..$.57.   This guy belongs to my sexy bearded man but we’ve had them before and we both thought they were pretty snackaroony. ❤


Darrella Lea: Mango Soft Liquorice…………..(On Amazon) $6.50. These are ALL mine. I have let everyone in my family know I will fight them over this bag of divine chewy goodness. (Calling all Australian friends…have you tried these??)

Beanitos: Black Bean Chips….(On Amazon) $1.03. Beanitos never last long around my house. We eat them like regular corn tortilla chips. Just as yummy…with a lot less guilt.


Air Cheese: Crunchy Cheddar Cheese Bites………??? My best guess would be 2.00? This product is not easy to find.  These babies pack a massive punch of natural cheddar flavor in each one. These are an adult snack for sure. Think Cheese and wine…not goldfish. 😉

Nothing But The Fruit: Raspberry Chia Fruit Bites…..(On Amazon) $3.21. These are scrumptious! Try them in oatmeal.  Yup. Do it. 🙂

Munk Pack: Double Dark Chocolate Protein Cookie…..$2.79.  I am going to be brutally honest here. I have never found a vegan cookie I loved.  They always have a weird flavor I can’t place. The flavor is not bad, it’s just not….right. Until today! Munk Pack makes an amazing Vegan, Gluten-Free cookie!  I LOVED it. It held its shape, didn’t crumble…could be dipped in milk (I use almond) and was soft and chewy.  That’s the perfect cookie in my book! Well done Munk Pack!!!


POPChips: Buffalo Ranch……$2.33. I am a huge POPChips fan. The BBQ are my favorite. I can’t be trusted to control myself when a bag is in the house. These Buffalo Ranch chips taste exactly like Buffalo sauce.  I even dipped them in some ranch dressing!

B.O.S.S Food Co: Raw Super Food Bar…..$2.83. This is a raw bar so the consistency can take some warming up to, but the flavor is ridiculous. A must try if you like raw bars.

Prince of Peace: Original Ginger Chews……$4.88. I love that these came individually wrapped. They are basically a very chewy ginger gummy.  They taste good..but not like candy…and would be great on a sore throat as well. Perfect for this time of year.


So that makes this $22.00 box worth $35.04!

Can’t complain about that.

SNACKSACK also offers a Vegan box or a Gluten Free box, each cost $24.00 a month.

I can’t recommend this box enough.  Grab a box and get to snackin!!

Thanks for reading!




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