Be Like A Tree.


This quote from Rumi makes me let out a great big sigh…and then leaves me with a smile on my face. It’s such a lovely message. We all need a gentle reminder from time to time to let go of the things that no longer serve us.

How many of us are holding onto things that we no longer need? We carry our dead leaves (i.e baggage) around with us for many reasons. I think the biggest reason tends to be a fear of the work involved in really letting our leaves drop… (or sometimes it’s just out of habit because we’ve carried them for so long. Kinda like a really uncomfortable and scratchy security blanket.

No matter the reason, Rumi’s message makes it seem so simple.  Can it possibly be THAT simple?

I think the choice to let go is pretty simple.  There will be work involved after…because without the work, we will probably just end up raking up all those leaves and carrying them around in big old garbage bags…not a pleasant image, is it?

But the choice itself is so very simple.

Free yourself and do the hard work, or continue to be caged.

The choice is yours…but I hope you’ll choose to ‘be like a tree

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20 thoughts on “Be Like A Tree.

  1. Hello Nikki 🙂

    I love that quote and I think about it regularly… Unfortunately, as you mentionned, it seems really easy but is soooo much work to let go of past baggage, especially when you’ve been carrying it for years. I too try to be like a tree… I know I’ll feel lighter and lighter as I free myself from stuff I don’t “need”. But it is still work in progress 😛

    Have a lovely week!! *Hugs*

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    1. I think some of the leaves grow back and need regular tending. Those little buggers just need to be released over and over again. And yes…it’s a work in progress for sure!!! 🙂 But isn’t that life in a nutshell?


  2. I have learned over the years the importance of letting go of the dead leaves. You have to because life is just too short to spend it being dragged down by people who don’t feed your soul. Love this so much, and you! You are such an inspiration, Nikki, thank you for being you. Lots of love! xo

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  3. Thank you Nikki I love Rumi!!! Hope everything is going amazing for you in your new home. ❤ I bet you're looking a lot at what works and what doesn't. Blessings, my friend xoxoxo Give my love to Steve and Vivi. Debbie


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