Take the step



These are words we all need to read. So many of us stand on the cusp of greatness and don’t move.  We look out at all the things we want. We worry, we plan, we think…..so much thinking….but we stop moving.

I’m a believer in the power of our thoughts.  I believe we create our world. One little thought at a time.

While our thoughts are ridiculously powerful, nothing can come from those thoughts if we don’t put verbs into our vocabulary. We have to act. No amount of thinking will get us the life we want. Being positive, believing in ourselves and our abilities…and the future we desire is very important…

But we MUST move. We must put one foot in front of the other and ACT. We have to take life by the balls and show it we are serious. That we are not going to sit down and wait for the life we desire to knock on our front door. We have to be willing to get up and take those steps towards something.

Here’s what I believe,

Call it the Universe, God, Divine intervention….whatever you like.  But putting it out there that you want something and then sitting back on your butt waiting for it to be hand-delivered rarely works.

You have to put forth the energy and then ‘miraculously’ things start to fall into place.

If you’re frozen in fear…or uncertain of what to do to get to the place you want to be….just start moving. DO something.  Even if it ends up being the wrong move, you’ve set things into motion and that’s really all it takes.

Bet on yourself. Bet on your abilities to navigate your way to the place you want to be. You may take some wrong turns…they can be corrected….but take those steps…even if you tip toe.

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