Our New Home!


I’m so excited to share this news/update with you! If you followed me at Flying Through Water, you know that we needed to find a new home. If you’re not aware…here’s a brief backstory, 

We have been living in a duplex owned by a family member for 7 years and they decided without warning that they are selling it. We’ve known for about a month and it’s been shown several times and even had an inspection. The house was supposedly bought and then wasn’t and now is showing as sold again and we are being given no information.  It’s extremely stressful not knowing what the hell is going to happen from one day to another. Or who is going to be in your home from one day to another.  It’s frustrating and feels very disrespectful to be kept in the dark.  Nevermind that the person who buys this house may want to live in it or at the very least raise our rent. It’s not been a pleasant situation.

So while we were not going to make a snap decision we did decide to start looking around our city for options.   We wanted to take our power back and we decided to look at this as an opportunity to improve things rather than the blind-side it had felt like.

Now I am a huge believer in the power of our thoughts.  I started this little affirmation:

We will find the perfect home for our family.

I said it many times throughout the days and weeks that followed.  We saw several places that were major misses but I did not allow it to bring me down.  I just kept saying my affirmation and kept my eyes open.

Steve drove past a place one day and came home and looked it up sure that they would not accept our little Vivi.

He was wrong.

We will be moving mid-October. Everything is signed….notice has been given….measurments taken……celebrating happening on a daily basis and LOTS of work to do!

It’s a much smaller place but that’s perfect for us. It’s a (say this in your fanciest voice) ‘luxury’ apartment. Oooo La La!


The place is still very new, built about a year ago, and that will be amazing after living in a house that was built when I was a child.

The pool is stunning and while it will probably be closed by the time we move in, the view from our new front door (pictured above) is not going anywhere.

Thank you to those of you that were sending out good wishes and positive vibes! We can’t wait for our move in date!

Thanks for reading!

(The gif above is of Katya from RuPaul’s Drag Race who I adore!!)





49 thoughts on “Our New Home!

  1. So happy you found a new place for your family! Moving can be so exciting, but also so stressful. Enjoy your new home and the journey until the big move. 🙂

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    1. I am trying! You are correct in all you say here. It’s so exciting and soooo stressful. I think the toughest part of moving is the waiting. You see all the work that needs to be done but most of it can’t be done until the move is closer. Ha! It’s fine though. Just knowing where we’re going is keeping me excited. 🙂

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  2. Hello dear Nikki….
    This is music to my eyes. I’m so very happy for you that your decision paid off and a home came to you. I love how you have included the affirmation you used…so powerful.
    And smaller isn’t a bad thing. We are looking forward to moving to a smaller place to escape the clutter that really, takes up most spare space. You will feel energised I’m sure.
    So happy for you. It’s not nice when one of our little community is so upset.
    Happy days, Nikki.
    All the best from Di 🙋🏻💕💕

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    1. Oh thank you Di! That affirmation was burning a hole in my brain! HA! I was an affirming machine! 😉
      The freedom from the clutter is one of the best parts of this. We can’t wait to be free of all this stuff. I feel like the garage is a giant junk drawer and I can’t stand it. It makes me feel stressed out just looking at all of it.
      We will have one smaller storage closet and that’s perfect!
      Thanks for the love Di and sending it right back to you. ❤

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      1. Hello dear Nikki,
        You are very welcome. Thank you for your reply. I can attest to the stuff in the garage…
        We are just now at the airport leaving so much stuff behind in ours too as we move to the UK for our stint over there. So please forgive my possible absence for a little while.
        I’m so happy you are in a better situation now.
        Take care and thank you for the love back.
        Until soon…
        Di 🙋🏻💕💕


  3. Oh NIKKI!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and Steve. Sending you many blessings for your new home. God, I am so touched. ❤ ❤

    I also wanted to apologize for not including your last post in Forgiving Fridays this week. It really helps to have a pingback so I can keep track! Are you ok if I include it next Friday? It'll be so wonderful to have, and I'd rather include it right when I post !!! Let me know.

    Love to you. Again, this is great.

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