I Need A Kinder Way



For the last 4 years of my life, I’ve been searching for something. I had no idea what that something was.  It took me about a year of doing absolutely nothing but feeling sorry for myself to even begin the internal work that I need to do.  I really had no idea where to start.  I had had my role in life, in our family, in the world for 40 years and I had no way of knowing how to find a new role when our son no longer needed a full-time mom. I felt purposeless.

My life changed when I bought the book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by the phenomenal Louise Hay. I didn’t know what to do with the powerful message but I knew it resonated with me. I knew that while reading that book something shifted inside of me.

After a year of searching for my place and trying to figure out what I wanted for this part of my life, writing became the clear and prominent passion that churned in my tummy.

I started this blog after months of thought. I loved the idea of a Kinder life.  I feel like kindness….both outward and inward is the key to living an exceptional and happy life.

Over the next year, I found an amazing community of writers, artists, photographers….humans!  I felt connected and like I had found my tribe.

Then ego got in the way. I started believing that having a massive blog with loads of followers was the key to my purpose! I forgot all about writing my book….I still talked about it, but I never worked on it. I thought blogging multiple times a day about lots of different topics would make me feel fulfilled.

It did not.

So instead of slowing down and taking a breath….I started a new blog. Flying Through Water. I felt that A Kinder Way was holding me back. I know now that I was holding me back.  My ego was holding me back. But at the time I could not see that.

I can happily say that with the encouragement of several you and a little nagging voice in the back of my mind….I just put A Kinder Way on hold. Set the blog to private instead of letting it go completely and then I jumped into the pool of a creating a new blog.

I loved the idea and I enjoyed the process of starting fresh.  But when we don’t learn from our experiences…we keep experiencing the same lesson over and over until we get it.  Another year passed.

My purpose…still not found.

I recently wrote on FTW about pulling back from blogging to work on my book….and that is what I did. Then one day about 2 months ago I received an email letting me know that akinderway.com was going to expire soon.  I remember a feeling sweeping over me when I read that email.  I knew that there was no way I was letting go of that domain. A Kinder Way is my baby. I worked tirelessly on the concept and there was no way I could say goodbye to it.

Steve and I talked about it and I shared my regret of having ever stopped blogging here. I told him I wanted to go back to A Kinder Way but I feared looking flakey and that my blogging tribe would wonder what my deal was. I feared looking like a fake and that I would lose any chance of seeming authentic. That people would judge me and think I was silly. (Steve’s response was pretty much…’Who cares what anyone thinks? This is your life and we know the truth so follow your passion!’

And then it hit me.

I need A Kinder Way.

I still need to learn how to practice self-care, self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, self-awareness, self-confidence….self-KINDNESS!

Sometimes it takes a very long time and a lot of trial and error to find our way. Flying Through Water was fun! It had its purpose, but as I’ve traveled down the road to self-discovery all roads have led me back to A Kinder Way and after a long year away, I am happy to be home.

I hope you’ll join me!

Thanks for Reading~


*I’m submitting this post to Forgiving Fridays over at Forgiving Connects!


35 thoughts on “I Need A Kinder Way

  1. Hi gorgeous Nikki! I just wrote a long comment on your other blog, so suffice it to say, I’m in, I’m excited, and I am so following your blog.

    You are welcome to contribute this one instead for Forgiving Fridays if you prefer to draw folks to this blog!!! 🙂 Or both!

    Love to you, Nikki, and so many blessings to A Kinder Way.

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      1. Awesome that’s great!! Yay, Nikki. ❤ All you need to do is add the pingback to my post, so that I get a notification that you contributed. (You can use the post I did on Acceptance … the most recent one).

        So much love. Welcome to A Kinder Way … blessings in all ways, Nikki!

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  2. It’s lovely to have you back under whatever name. 🙂 xxx Those thoughts about going round in circles in search of purpose ring very true right now … Just did my Tarot on that very theme. If nothing else, I should at least be a lot better-versed in witchcraft by the end of this year, so that is some forward motion. So much else I want to do, though, but procrastinating seems to be my true genius field. 😉

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    1. Hi Eleanor!! I’ve missed you. Thank you for the kindness and support.
      I love all things Tarot. I used to have a beautiful deck but they were given away during a move. I should invest in another. I always enjoyed the feel of the cards in my hands. I grew up with a very gifted reader. She was best friends with my mom and I will never forget when I was finally old enough to have my cards read. She also read my card the night before my wedding. It’s such a bonding experience.
      Thanks again for being here and offering so much support. ❤

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    1. The BE-ing is the hardest part sometimes. I’ve been pretty quiet for awhile. Spending a lot of time in meditation and thought. BE-ing. This helped lead me int he right direction and that direction was home to A Kinder Way. ❤ Thank you for your support. ❤

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  3. If you’re now a little kinder to yourself and happier within yourself perhaps you’ll make good progress with the book now. But, if not, the book doesn’t make you more real, your presence on the blog does that.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  4. Hello Nikki!
    Thank you for coming over to let me know about your new blog…
    It’s amazing because I usually go to see who has followed me and when I began reading your post before I knew it was you, I’m thinking ‘oh my goodness…this is my story too’.
    Well, I’m thrilled to see you follow your heart back to where you began, and clearly belong…
    A beautiful post. Thank you for letting me be part of this.
    Hugs and best wishes from Di 💐✨✨

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      1. Oh thank you for such a beautiful and kind reply Nikki.
        That means a lot to me and yes, I’d be sad too.
        Sending more love and best wishes to you dear friend 💐💕


  5. Hi Nikki, I appreciate your honesty and enjoyed reading about your blogging and self discovery journey. I’m glad you’ve come back to A Kinder Way💜I’ve followed you through your changes and no matter the name, I’m so happy to connect with you and be a blogging friend!☺️❤️ Jenny

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  6. Oh Nikki, I’m so happy to read this, even though you wrote it a while ago. I knew you were going through changes and you were moving and all. Flying through Water was a fabulous blog but I always loved A Kinder Way so I’m so happy for you that you’ve found your way back there. Sometimes it takes a leap to find out what we truly love. Good for you my dear friend. I look forward to catching up on what I’ve missed when I have the time to truly savor it. Hugs, love and my warmest wishes. xo ps Don’t know why your posts don’t come up in my Reader but at least now I can just come and visit. Hugs again 💜🙂


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